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DIgSILENT Americas offers project support in the field of power systems and power plants. Our team of engineers working in power system analysis and simulation develop innovative, profitable and efficient solutions. With DIgSILENT Americas as your project partner, you will benefit from our many years of experience along with our international network of experts.

Transmission Systems

The DIgSILENT PowerFactory software is a preferred tool to implement necessary planning processes due to its flexible power system modeling and high-performance functions. DIgSILENT Americas support the implementation of planning tasks both in the concept and the design phase, focusing on tasks that require complex modeling solutions and system analyses. In addition to the execution of planning tasks, DIgSILENT Americas also assists transmission system operators with the  solution of complex operational aspects such as determining all the stability parameters of power plants and power systems.

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Distribution Networks

DIgSILENT Americas assists distribution network operators with the optimal planning and design of their networks. The DIgSILENT PowerFactory software is an indispensable tool for developing flexible feed-in management concepts. If limit values are exceeded at specific times, a targeted, selective reduction of the active power or redistribution of the generation and load management are possible. DIgSILENT Americas assists with the planning for successful islanding in case of faults introduced from the high- and extra-high-voltage system focusing on the control and stability characteristics of the power plants remaining in the distribution network.

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Industrial Networks and Network Protection

DIgSILENT Americas has a long tradition and extensive experience in industrial power supply and distribution system planning and optimization. Specific requirements of industrial systems such as specific power quality patterns, increased reliability, islanded operation, voltage recovery needs and emergency situation handling, requires specific experience and expertise. Furthermore, DIgSILENT Americas assists with the design and coordination of the system protection based on the precise PowerFactory protection models, defines protection concepts and determines reliable settings for all the protection devices on the basis of an automated protection simulation.

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Simulation Models and Smart Grids

DIgSILENT Americas develops simulation models, specifically for users of PowerFactory software, based on the DSL or C++ programming language. The models are developed on the basis of technical data, construction drawings, thermal flow diagrams, control schematics, and plant and component measurements in particular as prerequisite for the validation of the model. Furthermore, DIgSILENT Americas supports Smart Grid R&D activities throughout the world, in particular in the fields of ICT, virtual power plants, etc.

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Network Integration and Grid Codes

DIgSILENT Americas assists power system operators with the assessment of requests for grid connection and the frequently required review of the applicable grid code, and project developers in developing compliant grid connection concepts, including the design and dimensioning of all the components. On the basis of qualified power system analyses and sensitivity calculations, DIgSILENT Americas assists power system operators and regulatory authorities with the development of adequate and sustainable grid codes and operating regulations, and compliance with these regulations based on measurements and conformity assessments.

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Power Plant and Power System Measurements

Precise knowledge of grid response and plant characteristics is often required in order to solve stability problems for operating with proper stability margins and for the optimal tuning of grid and plant control systems. DIgSILENT Americas performs system and power plant tests, test evaluation and related simulation model development.

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