Our Quality Standards


Long-term satisfaction of our customers is the basis of our success. Our market position directly depends on satisfying their requirements and our cooperative relationship with them. We continuously acquire our customers’ trust in our work. Product reliability, customer orientation and respectful and fair interactions are prerequisites for ongoing trust. We strive to be a reliable and professional partner to our customers. For this reason, independence and responsibility are the foundation of our actions.


Seeking long-term business relationships, we maintain a close association with all of our suppliers. Based on mutual trust, these partnerships are the foundation of joint success. We expect the same from our suppliers that we offer to our customers: competence, quality, reliability, market-driven and fairly priced products, timely deliveries, as well as flexibility. We purchase proven quality and guarantee the best possible traceability.


Dedicated, motivated and satisfied employees are our key success factor. A fair, open-minded, transparent and respectful interaction towards one another characterises our business culture. Personal commitment, a cooperative attitude, information and motivation are the basis of our work. Teamwork, inter-departmental cooperation, commitment and the identification of our employees with our company are the means for our success.


When working towards our economic objectives, we are committed to respecting the rules of environmental protection and protecting natural resources. We want to take care of our natural environment as we do our personal belongings. Therefore, economical use of resources and environmental awareness characterise our daily work.

Sustainability and Economic Efficiency

Quality of our products and services, continuous innovation and cost-awareness are of great importance to us. We generate confidence through quality which leads to an integrated quality culture that is entrenched in our daily thoughts and actions. We fulfil our entrepreneurial responsibilities in compliance with all legal requirements towards our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment through sustainable management. Sustainability management links our economical, ecological and societal objectives and is an inherent part of our business culture. Sustainability in our high quality standards is important for our competitiveness – it is both an incentive and obligation for each employee in our company.