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PowerFactory | Scripting with Python in PowerFactory

Objectives: Python is a programming language which can be used to control PowerFactory. It is commonly used to automate
the execution of time-consuming simulations - however, its application extends far beyond that. Python may also be used to
process results, or to implement a routine that applies sequential changes to a network and calls PowerFactory’s analysis
functions in each step.

This course provides a compact and efficient introduction to the fundamental aspects of writing scripts inside of PowerFactory
using Python. The course includes basic concepts, syntax, accessing and modification of objects from within the code,
automation of a series of calculations and presentation of the results etc.

Within the context of the training course numerous scripts will be created, which are intended to encourage new ideas or can
be adapted to suit particular requirements.

Course Content:
• Introduction to Python-PowerFactory interface.
• Access to PowerFactory Objects.
• Execution of PowerFactory Commands.
• Navigation through the PowerFactory Project.
• Reporting Results, Subroutines and Module.
• Results Files.
• Graphical Representation.
• Import/Export Data to/from External Files.

Target audience: The course is aimed at any PowerFactory users interested in performing automated tasks.

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with the basic handling of PowerFactory, either from experience or by completing
the Basic Training Part 1. Experience with PowerFactory’s DPL, Python itself, as well as C++, C, Java or other scripting
languages is not necessary but would be an advantage.

Duration: 2 days


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